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Sleep easy knowing that you have a “strategic business solution” that is becoming a powerful profit center that attracts more clients, generates more sales, and provides you with peace of mind.

  • Improve Your Sales or Contacts Up To 400%
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  • 95% Of People Will Visit Your Site Before They Do Business With You

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Super Cool Sites, Inc. has been in business since 2003.

Super Cool Sites has done hundreds of websites for all types of businesses.  The business started with Randy Kauffman and David Kauffman, focusing mostly on new designs built in flash.

We quickly realized that a nice looking site with no traffic doesn’t help our clients much, so we started working on Search Engine Optimization to get our clients higher in the search engines like Google.  We’ve boasted several number 1 rankings in the world.

Now that we were getting much more free traffic to our clients, we started working on getting a higher percentage of visitors to contact our clients through a process called Conversion Optimization.  By raising the conversion rate from 1/2% to 2%, we could get our clients 4 times the business from their website.

For the final phase we started calculating the worth of each visitor to determine how much could be spent on advertising and still make a nice profit.  We now help several of our clients with online advertising.

Super Cool Sites, Inc.
916 Eastwind Dr.
Westerville, Ohio 43081