Education Tips & Training

The Dental Network Group members cover a wide range of professional services designed to fully support dentists and their practices. Browse the list below and contact us for recommendations to fit your needs.


Utilizing both transactional and litigation skills developed over many years of collective representation within the health care industry, the lawyers represented here are well-versed in the matters important to health care professionals.

We have assisted healthcare professionals with matters of business acquisition, employer/employee matters, sale and purchase of a practice, contracts, regulatory matters, employments/associate agreements, leases, negligence and malpractice, and other related matters.


A certified public account that understands dentistry is a key part of your success. Viewing regular income, expense, & profit analysis reports will allow you to keep track of where you are and if your office is being run efficiently. A CPA can also help you get a proper valuation of your practice when going to sell or a practice you are looking to purchase.

Dental Staffing

A dental staffing professional can help provide a practice with temporary and permanent dental positions. With an extensive network of dental professionals on hand, they can help fulfill positions desired. Most offices will need to keep a dental staffing professional contact close.

Dental Supplies

In an industry full of innovation and high standards, dental suppliers play a huge roll in any practice. Most suppliers specialize in dental equipment and products for Endodontic, Oral Surgery, Orthodontic, Periodontic, Pedodontic and Prosthodontic specialties.

Financial Advisors

The financial planning efforts of the group are managed by Codrea Financial Services. Creating a detailed financial plan is a vital part of a Dentists success both personally and within their office. Setting up buy-sell agreements, life insurance, and disability insurance are areas that should be addressed to help protect your office and allow it to remain profitable.

Determining the proper retirement plan and fee structure is another important part of financial planning to help lower taxes through plans such as a 401(k), Profit Sharing, Cash Balance Plan, SIMPLE IRA, or more.

Insurance Providers

Every office needs to be protected through various types of insurance with a business overhead policy, proper liability coverage, and also malpractice insurance for those working on patients. Your office will also need to determine if and which types of dental insurance companies you will work with.

Marketing Services

From print design to email marketing you can never have enough exposure to both potential and current dental clients. The key is to remain consistent and present a clear message through the marketing avenues that fit both your budget and goals as a business.

Mortgage Bankers

Residential Mortgage banking is an important part of any Dentist’s success. Member, Ryan J. Childress represents the Dental Network Group in this area. Whether you are looking to buy a new home, build a new home, or refinance an existing home, Ryan can help. With lending authority in most states and a Dental specific loan program, Ryan has the tools to help when needed.

Networking & Technology Support

AccuNet, Inc. can build, install, and maintain computer network systems for Dental Offices all around Ohio. We specialize in keeping your network safe and reliable, so you can focus on your business.

Office Design & Building Solutions

TEAM DDS, Inc. has offered worry-free construction on time and on budget to the dental/medical community for over 30 years. Specializing in dental office construction, our full-time staff of certified and licensed tradesmen (professional engineers, electricians, plumbers, medical gas, etc.) is intimately familiar with the unique needs your dental environment requires.

Practice Brokers

The Dental Network Group’s Practice Broker member is Practice Endeavors (PE). PE serves practice buyers and sellers with unique services not offered by traditional practice brokers. PE does not practice dual agency or act as a “transition consultant” so clients can be certain that their best interests will be represented. Patient mapping is a huge part of forward looking valuations and results that PE generates from mapping benefit both buyers and sellers.

Since nearly all practice purchases involve real estate and since Ohio law requires that only licensed professionals can represent clients on real estate matters, it is very helpful that Bob Brooks, owner of PE, is also a licensed real estate broker providing real estate services through Practice Realty.

Practice Financing

Finding the proper bank is critical to helping finance a dental practice, dental office building, dental equipment, or even updating the technology. You can review various rates, fees, and programs to determine what is best for your needs. Having a banking relationship with someone who works with other dentists can make these processes easy for deposits, credit card processing, and other cash management needs seem easy.

Practice Management

A crucial part of being efficient and growing can be done through practice management. Working with not only you and other dentists in your office but the hygienists, dental assistants, and office managers can all be managed properly to turn your practice around or just find ways to increase productivity.

Real Estate Broker

The Dental Network Group’s Real Estate Brokerage member is Practice Realty (PR). Bob Brooks is PR’s broker and a dental realty specialist serving only dental practitioners. Proper evaluation of both proposed and existing practice locations is vital to maximizing practice success and profitability. Most clients have no net cost for PR services. PR’s serves dental practitioners throughout Ohio who want to:

  • Start-up a new practice
  • Relocate an existing practice
  • Add a satellite office
  • Buy a practice
  • Sell a practice

Web Services

A professional website that provides updated and detailed information about your practice is a must in today’s technology driven environment as most consumers seek electronic information before even considering a service, product or business. The ability to be found through search engines can provide even more value to your practice whether you are a start-up or well established dental office.

The Dental Network Group reaches to all facets of the dentistry industry and we will be able to connect you to the right people.