Who We Are


To help dentists find trustworthy service providers, with exemplary customer service. Dental Network Group


In the summer of 2006, Mortgage Banker Ryan J. Childress and Financial Advisor Jason Codrea were introduced through a mutual contact. Both men shared a similar client focus, Dentistry. Although they both were highly involved with local networking groups, they split and decided to create something of their own. In the Fall of 2006, the Dental Network Group (DNG) was born.

The mission of the group is to provide a single source of contact for the needs of dental professionals. As the attention of the DNG began to expand, so did the need for more experts in specific fields. All of the group’s members have a proven track record in their profession and have been through a thorough interview process. The combination of the two has helped build a solid foundation of members, making the network a large success.

Since the birth of the DNG in 2006, Co Founders Childress and Codrea have taken the concept all over Ohio and into other states. With a passion for education, the two have built an ongoing relationship with many colleges and their Dental Schools. These relationships will provide students a resource as they graduate and embark on their dental careers.

With a network of existing Dentists and graduating students, the Group has been able to impact all walks of life.

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